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Technology Tool Kit for Entrepreneurs

Guest Blogger: Veronica Millington, Marketing Lead, Caribbean Transit Solutions Inc.

The Internet is at the core of many of our lives and workplaces and it’s a big blue sea of opportunity for entrepreneurs.

For Caribbean Transit Solutions, it enables us to offer Innovative Location Based Solutions not previously available to Insurance Companies and Fleet Managers, like ‘EasyTrak’. We leveraged technology within our BeepBus app to provide basic bus information, search bus routes and plan bus trips across the island.

With an upcoming release in the works, CTS is beta testing the newest version of BeepBus. For the first time in Barbados, users of BeepBus app will soon be able to search by bus route and get estimated arrival times, but they can now watch the bus approach them on the map along these pilot routes.

A million different tools, applications and platforms exist which enable entrepreneurs to be the most efficient we have ever been in history, the tools to propel us forward.


1. Google Suite

The google suite of services allows small business owners and entrepreneurs to present the best business face to prospective clients. Customise your email address and work remotely with your team to manage your business, Google docs are a lifesaver for sharing and working simultaneously with teams and Google Meet is a great alternative to Skype with seamless calling, screen share and presentation features!

2.  Asana, Monday, Trello- Project/ Task Managers’ Dream

These tools allow your team to easily share and save company information; manage progress of projects and tasks and so much more.

3. Udemy, LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda), Google Training Courses

Technology, like business trends and markets are constantly changing. We then need to continuously learn to stay ahead of the curve. That degree you got 5 years ago is obsolete, that course you did at school is too! The knowledge you gained at your job years ago doesn’t apply in the same way. Use online training tools to keep learning and growing your business.

4. Content Creation Tools - Fiverr, Snappa, Canva, Giphy, Wideo

There are a ton of online tools start-ups and cash strapped businesses can use to get real ‘bang for your buck’. Maybe you don’t have $1000 to spend on this animated ad, but you may have $200, so why not use another entrepreneur on Fiverr, or similar platforms for that ad or graphic. Don’t have any budget, try wideo, giphy or canva.com, they’re great for creating social media graphics.

5. Buffer, Infobip, Plivo, Twilio

Communicating with the public is key and social media is here to stay. Buffer is an excellent tool to manage multiple social media channels simultaneously, schedule future posts and easily manage your platforms. Other tools like ‘Infobip’, ‘Plivo’ etc. enable companies to inexpensively connect with clients via email, sms, whatsapp and other.

Veronica Millington, Marketing Lead,

Caribbean Transit Solutions


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